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Alisa Tagg and Vanessa Emm are certified Activity Consultants through the National Certification Council for Activity Professional.  Alisa and Vanessa are both Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainers and are able to provide the 8 hour Alzheimer's training which is required in most states.   
Activity Consultation: Per OBRA Regulations (F680) the Activities Program must be directed by a Qualified Professional who is either a therapeutic recreation specialist or certified as an activity professional through a recognized accrediting body or a minimum of 2 years experience working in long-term care to be qualified to direct the Activity Program.

An Activity Consultant is used when a facility does not have a qualified director. The Activity Consultant helps the activity director grow, learn, and succeed. Consultation is a helping process. A consultant provides advice, expertise, technical assistance, counseling, and training relating to the profession.

What is Included: Chart Auditing of the Activity Records including documentation, MDS/RAI process, care planning and daily charting. Consultant will review volunteer records, activity calendar, Resident Council minutes, assistance with department policies and procedures, implementation of new programming, programming observation and evaluation. Consultant will also provide in-service training as needed for activity, nursing and ancillary staff. The consultant will provide a written consultation report upon completion of visit.

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